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2012 Black Friday Price Comparison List (Compare the Best Prices to Create the Best Plan!)

With the number of *HOT* deals this Black Friday, I thought it would be nice to share a way to compare all the prices in one place.

How to Use this List:

  1. Scroll down until you find the category for the item you’re looking for.  (For example: Electronics)
  2. Scroll through that category and compare the prices.  (Use the bottom scroll to scroll to the right to locate the store that item is located.)
  3. Create your list of items or locate the black friday ad to find more details.

Using this list, you can find what is on sale under which category and also where to find that deal.  I hope this helps you to compare prices!

Find the 2012 Black Friday Ads here.

Having trouble with the box below?  Use the Direct Link to Black Friday Comparison List here.

Thanks, Debt Free Spending!

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