2013 Sunday Coupon Insert Schedule

2013 Sunday Coupon Insert Schedule

If you’re looking to see what inserts you’ll receive in 2013, here is the coupon insert schedule!

January Coupon Inserts

01/06/13: Redplum/ Smartsource
01/13/13:  Redplum/ Smartsource
01/20/13: Smartsource
01/27/13:  Redplum/ Smartsource & Proctor & Gamble

February Coupon Inserts

02/03/13: Redplum/ Smartsource
02/10/13: Redplum/ Smartsource
02/17/13: Redplum/ Smartsource
02/24/13: Proctor & Gamble

March Coupon Inserts

03/03/13: Redplum/ Smartsource
03/10/13: Redplum/ Smartsource
03/17/13: Redplum/ Smartsource
03/24/13: Redplum/ Smartsource
03/31/13: Proctor & Gamble ?

April Coupon Inserts

04/07/13: Redplum/ Smartsource
04/14/13: Redplum/ Smartsource
04/21/13: Smartsource
04/28/13: Redplum/ Smartsource & Proctor & Gamble

May Coupon Inserts

05/05/13: Redplum/ Smartsource
05/12/13: Redplum/ Smartsource
05/19/13: Redplum/ Smartsource
05/26/13 Smartsource & Proctor & Gamble

June Coupon Inserts

06/02/13: Redplum/ Smartsource
06/09/13: Redplum/ Smartsource
06/16/13: Redplum/ Smartsource
06/23/13: Redplum/ Smartsource
06/30/13: Redplum/ Smartsource & Proctor & Gamble

July Coupon Inserts

07/07/13: No issue of Redplum Or SS
07/14/13: Redplum/ Smartsource
07/21/13: Redplum/ Smartsource
07/28/13: Redplum/ Smartsource & Proctor & Gamble

August Coupon Inserts

08/04/13: Redplum/ Smartsource
08/11/13: Redplum/ Smartsource
08/18/13: Redplum/ Smartsource
08/25/13: Redplum/ Smartsource & Proctor & Gamble

September Coupon Inserts

09/01/13: Redplum/ Smartsource
09/08/13: Redplum/ Smartsource
09/15/13: Redplum/ Smartsource
09/22/13: No issue of Redplum Or SS
09/29/13: Redplum/ Smartsource & Proctor & Gamble

October Coupon Inserts

10/06/13: Redplum/ Smartsource
10/13/13: Redplum/ Smartsource
10/20/13: Smartsource
10/27/13: Redplum/ Smartsource & Proctor & Gamble

November Coupon Inserts

11/03/13: Redplum/ Smartsource
11/10/13: Redplum/ Smartsource
11/17/13: Redplum/ Smartsource
11/24/13: Redplum/ Smartsource & Proctor & Gamble

December Coupon Inserts

12/01/13: Smartsource
12/08/13: Redplum/ Smartsource
12/15/13: Redplum/ Smartsource
12/22/13: No issue of Redplum or SS
12/29/13: No issue of Redplum Or SS Possible P&G

Current Coupons :

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