How to Display Your Christmas Cards to Enjoy Year After Year

How to Display Your Christmas Cards

Are you looking for a creative way to save your Christmas cards year after year?  When my husband and I were married in 2006, one of the gifts we received was a scrapbook full of empty pages.  The scrapbook came with instructions to fill the pages of the blank scrapbook each year with our Christmas card and letter.

I have to admit, that at first it seemed like a somewhat interesting gift amidst the silverware and new dishes we were receiving.  However, I have grown to love this scrapbook as one of my most cherished Christmas accessories we bring out each year.

How to Display Your Christmas Cards in Scrapbook

The scrapbook is filled with our story.  Each year we record our family picture in the form of a Christmas card and include it on a new page of the scrapbook.  Because of the deals that are available, I sometimes end up with 3 different Christmas cards.

This is really an easy way to commemorate each year.  After the Christmas holiday,  I take a page of the scrapbook and glue in our Christmas card, front and back.  I then write in the year.  Amazingly, I have the same silver sharpie that started this scrapbook in 2006.  It’s a Christmas miracle that I could hold onto one single marker through four moves and two kids.

How to Display Your Christmas Cards Holiday Cards Scrapbook

It is so fun each December to take out this book, and read through the years of my husband and I’s marriage.  What started in 2006, has grown to a family of four.

If you’re looking to create a scrapbook like this, it’s easy!  And there’s no time like this year to start.

What you’ll need:

A blank scrapbook
Refill pages in the size of the scrapbook (Christmas paper was included in mine)
A pen
Your Christmas Card(s)

How do you save your family Christmas card?

This was originally published in 2012.  I’ve updated it with our current Christmas cards!


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