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Amazon : Holiday Toy List (Lightning Deals) 11/13/12

Trampoline, Wobble Deck and a Surprises Table are a part of Amazon’s Lightning Deals when it comes to your Holiday Toy List today.

If you’re interested in any of the following toys, you’ll want to set the alarm to be back here at the time stated below!  I don’t know what the price will be, so make sure you have budgeted amount planned and then check back here to see if you can snag that awesome deal!


Here’s the translated times to Easter Daylight Time.

Kidoozie Deluxe Build A Road with Elevator – 12:01 PM EST
Mystery — 1:01 PM EST
Bloco Toys Aqua and Pyro Dragons – 2:01 PM EST
Hop Hop Trampoline –  4:01 PM EST
Wobble Deck – 6:01 PM EST
Serving Surprises Table – 8:01 PM EST

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