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Do you want to know what to buy for your baby while on a budget?  Do you want to make sure you have all the items you really need and will really use?

I thought registering for items for our first child was going to be so much fun, just like my experience with our wedding registry.  WRONG.  I remember standing in front of the bottle aisle staring blankly at the literally hundreds of different types of bottles and nipples available.  Plastic, glass, slow flow, fast flow, medium flow, 8 oz, 4 oz. etc.  etc.  etc.   This was not as simple as picking out my favorite plate pattern.

What items were the best?  What was worth paying for?  What was I really going to need?  I was completely overwhelmed.

I am what people would say is a baby minimalist.  My goal for purchasing (or registering) for items when my first child was born was to only ask for and buy items that I thought we would actually use and would make life easier with a little one.  For me, that meant using my money and gifts we were given wisely.

This series, Baby on a Budget, is going to take you through all the items I actually used with our kids.  I have a three year old and a one year old.  That makes me an expert.  😉  Right?  There are items that I thought I would need and did not spend one minute using.  You won’t see me mention those items here.  What you will see, are the actual products I used with both kids. And many items I continue to use even with my “big” kid.

Baby on a Budget is about using your resources wisely to purchase those items that will be useful to you and baby.  Sometimes they are the most frugal purchase, and sometimes they are an item that costs more.  However, I have learned in this process that buying a few items of quality that will last through multiple children AND make life easier, has far more worth than a bunch of cheaper products that just sit on a shelf.

Over one year ago my sister asked me to make a list of my favorite items when she was expecting her first child.  That list has now been circulated to multiple friends, and I decided to finally share it with you!  This is a must-have list for registering for baby.

And if you have experience with any of the products listed below, or want to suggest a product you’ve had success with, please do so in the comments!  This is a helpful place to help guide new parents!

Each week I’ll be breaking down the products into categories so as not to overwhelm you in one place.  Here’s what I’ll be sharing:

Clothing (Consignment Sale Shopping)
Feeding (including nursing)

I welcome your comments and hope you will share the products you’ve used to make being a mommy or daddy a successful venture!  And while some weeks I’ll be sharing specific products we used and what to register for, I also will be sharing practical tips for all babies at any age!

Please note that the links below are my affiliate links.  Many of the items can be found cheaper shopping consignment, garage sales and even in-store sales.  The link is there purely for illustration and because I think Amazon does a great job with it’s reviews.  But feel free to use it for purchase.  Amazon does have a baby registry option!

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 What to Register For :  BathTime

Fisher-Price Precious Planet Whale of a Tub – This is the exact tub that we used and we loved it.  I actually bought a second one to keep at my parent’s home when we traveled for only $5 at a garage sale.  This is a great one to look for if you’re out at consignment shops.  Because they are plastic they are very easy to sterilize and clean.  We used a baby tub like this for both of our boys.  It makes it easier to wash them and keep the water warm.  There are many options out there for plastic tubs, and many will do a great job.

Especially for Baby Bath Sponge – This was something we ran out and bought when my first child was born.  Not only does the sponge help the newborns stay in place, but we ran warm water through it before we would place the baby in the bath.  (We set this right into the baby bathtub.)  In warming it up, our newborn kiddo went from hating bathtime to loving it.  It made it more comfortable and warm for him.

Luvable Friends 6 Pack Washcloths, Blue – This is one item I returned before we had first child.  And then, I ended up buying more.  You can never have too many washcloths.  Especially with our first born, his skin was so sensitive that we had to use these as wipes.  Even if you don’t have to do that, they are softer than your normal wash clothes and although they are cheap, they are sturdy enough that we still use the same ones 3 years later for both kids.

Dove Unscented for Sensitive Skin – Again, with my first child and his sensitive skin, we had to use something that was unscented.  Most of the unscented body wash products were pricey, and so when our pediatrician suggested this, we went for it.  One 24 oz bottle lasted for months and months and never made his little skin break out.  (FYI:  I’m not a doc, or giving medical advice for kids with sensitive skin.  I’m just sharing what worked for us and what’s cheap!)  There are many shampoo and body wash products available.  Make sure you register for a few!

Jilbere Baby Bristle Brush – We bought one of those huge care kits for baby.  All we used inside were the fingernail clippers and this.  Save the money and buy the product individually.  We had cradle cap with both boys and this was invaluable.  (And by the way, you may receive this from the hospital.  FREE!)

Luvable Friends 3-Pack Embroidered Sayings Hooded Towels – Blue – Yet another item I returned pre-kid thinking we would not need it.  I was wrong.  Having baby towels makes it so much easier.  The bigger towels swallow them up and make it harder to swaddle them after bathtime.  A pack of 3 was all we needed and we’re still going strong with the original ones 3 years later!

Kids Shampoo Rinse Cup SRC44 – This was by far one of my most favorite items we registered for.  It keeps the water out of baby’s eyes.  Chalk this up to an item I wish I had invented.  We’re still using this 3 years later!

Munchkin Bath Toy Scoop, Blue – While this isn’t an item we used from day one, it’s one that I wish we had registered for to save money.  This has been my favorite toy storage for our kid’s bath-time.  We’ve done them all, from mesh to plastic bins. This one is my favorite (and the one we’re currently using) because it keeps the toys out of the way, and also does a great job of letting them dry.

Skip Hop Bath Spout Cover, Whale – One of my earliest memories is of my younger brother getting stitches over his eye because he was playing in the bathtub and cut his head on the faucet.  No lie.  Again, while this is one you won’t use on day one, it’s still worth registering for since you will use it.  We originally went with the blow up faucet cover because it was cheaper.  It started to deflate and even started to mildew after a month.  (We took it off after each use.)  This one has been easier to clean and wraps tight around our faucet.

What items did you find invaluable for bath time!?  I’d love to hear your thoughts!

Make sure to check back here next Monday, where I’ll share how to save BIG on diapers!

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  1. amy w says

    Couldn’t agree more with the list! I didn’t get a “big” bath tub though because I have no where to store it. I bathed my little guy in the kitchen sink (saved me from backaches and sore knees) and used the sponge under him from “day 1” until he just couldn’t fit anymore. It was nice to have the spray hose to wash his hair, too. Low pressure and no worries about where the water is going. I used the sponge in the big bath tub for awhile, too. I do wish I had something that would have worked well for the in-between time from sink to super steady in a big bath – but when you don’t have room, you don’t have room. :( It would have been nice to have a plastic tub like the one you noted.
    I have a corner “mesh” bath toy storage but I regret the mesh. I wish I had the scoop!

  2. abs says

    I will be adopting and this is great information for first time moms. Please share any experiences for newborns and getting thru the first year. Thanks!

    • says

      Will do! I’m going to go through most of the “must-have” items that will carry you through, but I’ll be sure to share some sanity advice. :) Congrats on adopting!!!

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