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My CVS Shopping Trip : I Saved So Much I Made a Profit!

CVS free items for Black Friday

You all, check out this list and get to CVS!  I went in with one coupon and saved SO much money.  This is my favorite time of year to shop the drugstores!(Bonus points to anyone who finds Mr. Potato head's missing arm in the picture above.)Here's the first round of what I bought.  You can … [Read more...]

My Trader Joe’s Shopping Trip – I Spent $59.45

Trader Joe's Shopping Trip

We've been busy and out of town. And now that we're back, we needed food! Last night we rolled back into town only to find that there was no bread - no eggos and a 1/2 gallon of milk. Thank goodness for the milk. I would like to say that I planned better - but alas I did not.Up and at em' this … [Read more...]

My Aldi Shopping Trip : Pizza on the Grill?

Aldi Shopping Trip

After stopping by Office Max to do my back to school shopping, I headed to Aldi to grab what we needed for the week.  It is SO HOT.  As in, I start sweating as soon as I walk outside.  As in, it's too HOT to even play outside.  When days like this happen in summer, I do not want to fire up the oven … [Read more...]

My Kroger Shopping Trip : I saved $71.70!

Kroger Shopping Trip Savings

Last night I ventured to Kroger, to finally do a little Mega sale shopping.  I was surprised at all the deals that were still available   The only thing they were out of stock on was the Crest toothpaste.  They also did not have any raspberries.  Either someone in my area is buying up all the fruit … [Read more...]