DIY Gift Idea : Paint Dipped Kitchen Utensils

how to make paint dipped kitchen utensils

I’m back with another DIY gift idea today for Mother’s Day!  It’s the week that keeps on giving!  I don’t know about you but my kitchen utensils are all mis-matched and they definitely don’t look cute on my counter.  I was inspired to dress up a new pair of bamboo kitchen utensils so I got out some paint and look at how they turned out!  They’re now not only functional but they look great.  Plus, the total cost for this project was only $9!

If you’re looking for another way to dress up mom’s kitchen, put a personal touch on kitchen utensils with paint.  They look custom and they didn’t break the budget.

what you need to make paint dipped kitchen utensils

To make these you’ll need wooden or bamboo wooden utensils. I bought mine at Walmart for $4.97 total.  You’ll also need paint.  I bought acrylic paint for $0.50 each.  To finish it off you’ll need a clear gloss.  (Not pictured.)  I used Rustoleum’s Painters Touch 2x clear gloss.  It was around $3.  The paint and gloss I can use again for another project.

The color of paint you use is really up to you.  You could also use one color per utensil.  You could use two colors or five colors or 10 colors.  It’s really up to you how you want these to turn out!  I had thought about letting my kids paint them as well.  It would be cute to have little drawings on a spoon to give to grandma.

using painters tape to make dipped kitchen utensils

The first thing you want to do is to put painter’s tape on the utensils to mark a line. You could “eye ball” this step as well.  You don’t want the paint or the gloss to go where food will touch the kitchen utensils. I won’t be using these for a deep pot of soup.  :)  I decided to put the painter’s tape about 2 inches above the spoon section.

how to paint kitchen utensils

Start painting!  I decided to go with three colors so I started with the lightest one at the base of the utensil.  Each one took about two coats of paint.  To let them dry I used coffee mugs so that they didn’t touch anything.

how to add two colors to painted utensils

To start the next color, I painting a line around the first color and then painted the dark color where I wanted it.  You could let the lighter color dry and then use painter’s tape again.  I wasn’t into waiting forever for it to dry.  :)  As you can see here, I also took the painter’s tape off while the paint was a bit wet.  I wanted to make sure it was going to look right.

Cover kitchen utensil with foil to spray with poliurithane

Let the paint dry overnight.  Once the paint is dry, you’ll need to add the gloss.  To avoid getting the gloss on the part of the utensil that will touch food, I put foil around the base of the utensil.  I’m creative like that.  :)  I bought a spray gloss so it was easy to take these out to the garage to spray them down.

Just stand upwind.  Learn from me.  :)

how to dry painted dipped kitchen utensils

Here they are drying.  This is the real life picture of drying utensils.  You use what you have and what I had was a lawnmower and coffee cups!

how to make paint dipped kitchen utensils

I LOVE the finished product!  These were an easy project and one that will dress up any kitchen!

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  1. Jessica Gunderson says

    I would love to know the name of these colors you used. This is perfect for my sisters wedding shower centerpieces. Thanks so much. We are revolving it around the Kitchen etc.

    • says

      Hi Jessica, I don’t know the colors as I’ve already used them. However, I did get the paint at walmart so you should be able to find similar colors there. GOod luck!

  2. Patty says

    These are totally cute and I have so many wooden utensils that this will tie all together. Plus, as a side note, I love your running commentary. It makes it so much more enjoyable to read when the instructions include little amusing bits of advice or notes about the things in the background like the lawnmower. I really enjoyed that part as much as the tutorial. Keep them coming! And remember, stand upwind & dry paint? Why would one wait for that?? Hege

  3. says

    These look great! I’ve been wanting to do a craft like this for awhile now and I think you just inspired me to get started on some! Love your site, I made sure to stop by and like you on Facebook. Looking forward to following yourand seeing all your great ideas.

  4. says

    I just wanted to let you know; I plan to do this! I haven’t yet, but I will be probably for Christmas gifts! My cousin is soooo into cooking (she cooked her prom dinner for 6 just last night!) 😉 I’m so excited about it! I just created my new blog and my first real post was 24-Mothers Day Gifts that don’t Break the Bank! I shared this, and wanted to let you know in case you need any additional kind of credit/linking.

    But your blog is amazing, and I thank you for sharing this!


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