Easy Steps to Save Money On Your Holiday Gifts : Step 1

Who wants to save money over the next few months while you spend more than any other time of year?

With a few easy steps you can save money and stay sane this Holiday Season!  This should be a time of thanksgiving and joy and not a time of stressed out, stretched to the max moments.  Except, somehow we all seem to have those minutes where we wonder where the joy is.  Is it just me?

In order to combat that and keep the joy in Thanksgiving and every holiday this season, we’re going to chat about 5 easy steps to save money on your Holiday Gifts and more this year.

Over the next few days I’ll be sharing tips to help you save money on Christmas Gifts, Holiday Dinners, Decorations and more.  We’ll talk about easy steps to help you keep your finances in order and your purchases simple so that the real meanings and moments are found and cherished.  By following these simple steps I hope at the end of December you’ll still be enjoying the moments of giving instead of dreading the credit card bill.

Come January, you’ll thank me.   😉

Day 1 of Ways to Save Money on Your Holiday Gifts, Dinner and Travel

So to kick it off, we’re starting with the most basic step to this plan but also one of the most difficult.

Before you buy one gift you need to know how much you can spend this Holiday Season.  (If you’re like me, you’ve already bought a few gifts. No worries, just start where you’re at.)  It is essential that you create a holiday budget.  The stores are bright with sales and very easily you can spend too much money, saving money!  

Here’s how to create a financial plan:

1.  Write the total amount you have to spend on groceries, gifts and travel this Holiday Season.  Sit down and discuss your finances with your spouse (if applicable)  to make sure you’re all on the same page. Look at your bank account and decide the total amount you have to spend over the next few months on gifts, travel, decorations and holiday dinners.

2.  Divide and allocate a specific amount from that total number into designated categories.


3.  Divide your categories into sub-categories and allocate a specific amount from the category into your sub-categories.


  • Thanksgiving Dinner
  • Christmas Dinner

Gifts  (Just list the people you’re buying for.  We’ll get more specific tomorrow.)

  • Spouse
  • Kid #1
  •  Kid #2


  • Mileage

That’s it!  You’ve made the first step towards keeping your finances in check this Holiday Season.  Tomorrow we’ll chat about taking this budget and creating a plan of attack!

To help you make it even more simple, I’ve created a free Budget outline for you to print and use.

Download this FREE  template to create your Holiday Budget!

Holiday Budget 2012

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