How to Build a StockPile – Week 2, Extreme Couponing for Real Life

This week, let’s chat – stockpile!  I love to say that I shop my pantry weekly for items that I bought at a rock-bottom price. If you want to maximize your savings, a stockpile is a must. It’s the one thing that sets Extreme Couponers apart. It’s the end goal of this series, but one that I want you to understand before we get started.

{Please excuse the cold – hence the fact that this video is a few days late.  I also talk too fast… I’m going to work on that.  I’m just too excited!  😉 }

Can’t see the video? Head over here!

Now remember, when I talk stockpile I’m talking about a realistic storage of items in your pantry that are not overwhelming or in need of routine dusting!   😉

So if there’s one thing I want you to take with you from this series – it’s Shop your Pantry for the BEST deals!   See you next week when we chat about the sale cycle!

CHALLENGE! : Pick one item this week and grab 4-5 of it on sale at it’s rock bottom price!

In the future we’re going to spend more time talking about matching up your store ad to coupons – so don’t worry if you had an “huh?” moment.

If you want an idea of what a good rock bottom price is for a specific item, Click Over Here to see My Rock Bottom Price List!


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  1. Linda says

    Lynette, I am 55 years old and have never had anyone explain a budget or how to utilize coupons as you have in your video series! You’re so smart, and teaching is your niche! I too am a visual learner and have ADD to make it more interesting! I hope your husband realizes the “Jewel” he has married! Thank you for taking the time to share with us the “Simply Cleaver” method of couponing and saving money! Look forward to more words of wisdom from you.

    • says

      Thank you! You are so sweet and your words are such an encouragement to me. :) I guess coming from a family of teachers has paid off! Let me know if you ever have any questions about saving money.

  2. Lisa says

    I’m still confused about the stockpiling principle. Are you using multiple coupons to get multiple deals / freebies, or are you getting 1 at a time and saving the items (for example, couponers who have stashes of 30 tubes of toothpaste, etc.)? If so, it seems that would be a terribly slow way of stockpiling and we would use the items before they start to “pile.” Thanks again for your tips and thanks in advance for clarifying this. I’m still a newbie and all this information is still overwhelming to me.

    • lynette says

      I use multiple coupons when a deal hits rock bottom. I usually buy 1 newspaper, receive my parent’s coupons from their newspaper and also use printables. The most I typically buy in one trip is 5 but that happens at the grocery store. When it comes to the drugstores I buy 1 or 2 similar items. Like you said, it takes awhile to build a good stockpile, but when it comes to toiletries it also takes awhile to use them. I don’t store more then 5 of an item because the stockpile becomes overwhelming. I also can’t use all of it in time so it would be a waste. If I already have 5 and it’s a really good deal I’ll donate them to a family member or shelter. I hope that clarifies things for you. 😉

  3. Elise says

    Hey Lynette! I have started a stock pile that consists mostly of health and beauty items. I have 9 tubes of toothpaste, 5 deodorants, floss, toothbrushes, bar soap, shampoo, and conditioner. Oops I forgot toilet paper and paper towels! BTW, toilet paper is very easy to stockpile. It never expires and 4 packs of Angel Soft usually go for a 1.00 each. I have one question. I only buy 1 paper a week. How am I supposed to stockpile and get multiple of the items I need if I only have 1 coupon?? Thanks for posting all these wonderful videos!! :)

    • lynette says

      Way to go! I only get two papers each week (I buy one and get one from my parents) and I’ve been able to build a very healthy stockpile. Make sure you use printables on top of the newspaper coupons. When there’s a coupon in the paper, there’s usually a printable online because the manufacturer is pushing the item.

      You may want to ask family or friends if they use their coupons. If they don’t, they may be happy to give you the extra coupons! Keep going and you’ll find you’ve got more then you need and have to slow down! 😉

  4. Lisa says

    I’m excited that I started my “stockpile” of items that I don’t necessarily need right now. I got Chi Chi’s salsa – which I love – for $.99 instead of $3.29. It’s a start! :o)

  5. Teresa says

    I have a small stockpile right now for deodorant, Bar soap, Dish soap , Laundry detergent, Body wash and Tooth paste. Also Tooth brushes. This week I got Bliss chocolate at CVS for $5.99 extra care bucks $5.99 with a $1 coupon I made a dollar. As for my rock bottom price this week free beats all. I am still learning so I feel good. Couponing ? I never would have thought I could get these for free. My fiance is disabled and with my couponing I am able to get his needs met for free. So awesome!! I got dial soap this week too.! One more thing I get to try new things with coupons and get his stuff for free. woo hoo !!! Thank you! ! With all your ideas! Going to buy a bigger binder this week 5 “. Thank you so much!

    • lynette says

      Hi Teresa, You have a great start to a stockpile! It does take time, but it’s fun to see all the things you’ll get for free or the fun new items you’ll get to try. I got the Hershey Bliss for FREE as well! What a nice surprise! :) I’m glad you’re able to meet the needs of those you love through couponing. It makes saving money, fun!

  6. Dee says

    Thank you so much for all the great ideas! I don’t think you talk too fast LOL! I am from MN and we all talk fast up here :o) For the challenge I am stockpiling hot sauce! Have a great day!

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