The Grocery Sale Cycle – Week 3, Extreme Couponing for Real Life

What do you get when you combine yarn, post it notes and my living room wall?  A sale cycle!  This video will introduce you to the sale cycle most items at your grocery store go through.  This is the key reason why you only need to stockpile 3 months worth of a specific item.  Keep it simple!

Can’t see the video? Head over here!

Here are the charts I created when studying the price changes in Lay’s potato chips and Cheerios.  As you can see within 14 weeks, you’ll have a few chances to get these items at a ROCK BOTTOM price.  Purchase the items at that rock bottom price and match it with a coupon to add to your stockpile.

Buy Now Chart

When making these charts it was interesting to lay the prices of the Lay’s Potato Chips & Cheerios on top of each other to see that the store had a sale cycle.  You can see below that within the 14 weeks there were quite a few times that Kroger was the place to be!

Know when to Shop Chart

Disclaimer: I do not sit around and chart food sale cycles.  This is purely for your benefit.  All you need to do, is learn the rock bottom prices for those items your family routinely buys to add to your stockpile.  No charting and excel spread sheets needed.  😉

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  1. Sidni says

    Hi Lynette! I just started couponing a month ago and I feel like I am doing a great job so far for a beginner(my father in law manages a grocery store so he let’s me know if an item is at a great rock bottom price or if it can get lower). I have gone on 3 trips my fourth will be tomorrow and so far a few of my best trips include 2 bottles of cheer laundry detergent and a pack of gum at rite aid for $3 total, tons of free feminine products from Kroger a shoppig trip to Kroger where I saved 62% a shopping trip to meijer where I saved 60% and diapers for $6 at Walgreens (huggies). Oh and my husbands favorite! $4.60 for both the profusion glide or something Gillette razor and a free Mach 3 razor. Did that deal twice. :) I do make my rounds at different stores it’s hard to pass up great deals when the stores are 5 minutes or less from my home. I am glad you gave your rock bottom price list and talked about sale cycles!! I hate havin to ask my FIL for help on Tons of deals and your site has been really helpful to me. I read trough a lot of sites but pretty much just created my own way of doing things and my way is VERY similar to your when it comes to making the shopping list. I just wanted to say thank you! And also what area specifically is your rock bottom price list for? I live in southern Indiana.

    • says

      Way to go in your coupon adventures! Isn’t it fun!? I live in Central Ohio so my rock bottom prices are based on that. Ours should be similar since we’re in the midwest. I should say that I also live in an area with quite a few grocery stores so that helps with the competitive nature of prices as well.

  2. Eliss says

    Hey Lynette! I just wanted to leave you a comment and let you know that I really appreciate you doing all of this. It’s really a great help. I’m just learning how to coupon and it’s nice to learn from someone I know!

    • lynette says

      Hi Eliss! Way to go in learning to coupon. You’ll never turn back and it’s easy to keep it simple. :)

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