Where to Find the Best Coupons – Week 6, Extreme Couponing for Real Life

What can you find on the edge of your coupon insert to maximize your savings?!

Having Trouble Seeing the Video? Head over here to the Cleverly Simple You Tube Channel!

Coupons Mentioned in the video:

Newspaper Coupons:
RedPlum Coupon Insert
SmartSource Coupon Insert
P&G Coupon Insert
Specialty Coupon Insert

Printable Internet Coupons:

Store Specific Printable Coupons:
Rite Aid AdPerks
Kroger eCoupons
Meijer mPerks
Buehler’s Clip to Card or  Clip to Print

Digital Coupons:

Other Coupons:
All You Magazine

If you’re an over-achiever ( 😉 )and would like to watch my original video about my evolution of coupon organization, head over here! Next week we’ll talk specifically how I organize my coupons in an efficient, time saving way!

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  1. Debbie says

    You can also print online coupons from Wal Mart’s website, Walgreen’s website, and CVS’s website.

    By the way, thank you SO MUCH for doing these videos. I have been coupling for about 6 months, and learned more from your videos than I did from all the sites I’ve visited.

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