Go Organic On A Budget : Shopping Organic Week 3

Go Organic on a Budget[pinit]

So, I’m going organic on a budget.  Have you heard?  😉  I have been very aware of that fact every time I go to make a meal.  Whether it’s lunch or dinner, I feel like we have less food around.  Maybe it’s the habit I’ve formed over the years of stockpiling, but it’s hard to be limited in your choices.  Granted, I could buy more.  But then I wouldn’t be under budget.  And to be honest, with all the produce I’m buying, I don’t really think I could buy more.

What am I learning?  I’m learning that while Organic food does cost more, it really doesn’t.  Huh?  I shared on facebook last night that I cringed putting a $0.59 orange in my cart last night.  Like lightning it hit me.  How many times have I bought value fries for $1 and thought it was a great deal!?  And although I don’t plan on giving up my every-so-often fast food fix, I am seeing the reality of choice.  I can choose to buy healthier foods and stay within budget.

I’m also learning that organic fruit taste SO MUCH BETTER!  I bought blackberries last night.  They have taste!  I could have eaten the entire carton.  Well, me and my 3 year old.

And let me just give a big shout out to my hubby who hasn’t questioned this challenge.  He’s enjoying the fruit and hasn’t batted an eye that we’ve had breakfast for dinner and spaghetti at least once a week this month.  Never fear, hun.  I’m mixing it up this week.

Go Organic on a Budget Week 3

 I spent: $55.54
Budget: $75
I have $19.46 left!

Here’s what I bought.  I traveled to Aldi and Kroger this week.  My strategy was to buy as many fruits and vegetables as possible to make dinner with.  Buying the convenience foods really backfired last week.

(2) Organic Chicken Broth – $1.69 each
(2) Organic Cheddar Cheese – $3.49 each
(2) Organic Spaghetti – $1.29 each
(2) Organic Canned Tomatoes – $1.49 each
Organic Vanilla Yogurt – $2.99 (Not a fan.  Tastes gritty.)
Organic Juice Boxes – $0.99

(2) Organic Milk – $3.29 (Clearance.  Woot!)
Organic Eggs – $3.29
(2) Organic Canned Beans – $1.49
Organic Peanut Butter – $3.79
Organic Oranges – $4.99
Organic Romaine – $3.99
Organic Zucchini – $2.23
(2) Organic Navel Oranges – $1.18
Organic Bananas – $1.39
Organic Blackberries – $3.29

Please keep in mind that I have a cow in my freezer and still have chicken there as well.  The reality is, that I could not keep this budget without my stockpiled goods.  An additional help is that I’m making my own bread this week!

Meal Plan:

Grilled Cheese
Peanut Butter & Jelly
Scrambled Eggs

Chicken Tetrazzini
Breakfast for Dinner
Chicken Pot Pie

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