Homemade White Bread Recipe

My parents went to Amish country a few days ago and brought home fresh baked bread.  It inspired me to find a bread recipe that we could enjoy here at home, everyday.  It’s easy to do that when you have a bread machine.   ;)  I wanted a recipe that used only the most basic ingredients, was light and fluffy inside but still had strength to hold a sandwich together.

I used the bread machine on the dough cycle and then baked the bread in my oven after kneading it by hand.  You can skip that step, I just wanted to feel a bit Amish.  I found a number of recipes online and read lots of comments below each to come up with my own recipe.  The next time I make this I’m going to add the cinnamon, sugar swirl to it.  If you’ve ever had Cinnamon Amish bread, you know what I’m talking about.  YUM!

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    I always bake my own bread, I would never go back to shop bought bread. I do cheat a little and use a bread maker, and I follow a recipe from the back of a pack of bread flour…BUT…I add half a tespoon of Sesame oil to the mix once it’s no longer dry…the result is a very moreish flavour that cannot be beaten :-)

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