*HOT* Starbucks : FREE Blonde Roast Coffee (Facebook Offer)

Free Blonde Roast from Starbucks

Whoo hoo!  Here’s an awesome FREEbie offer from Starbucks.  Head over here and enter your email address to receive a FREE eGift card from Starbucks.  Your eGift equals a FREE tall cup of brewed Starbucks Blonde Roast coffee valued at up to $2.60.

Plus, after you enter your email address, you’ll be able to send the same offer to a friend!  Hurry over here and enter your info. There is only a limited number of eGifts available!


  1. Amy S says

    For anybody having troubles getting this to load to their registered Starbucks card, I figured out a trick that will make it work. It will add $2.60 to your registered card’s balance which means you can use it towards anything at Starbucks!

    When you receive the email saying you have an eGift, click the green Redeem button. Then enter your email to verify your identity. That will give you a screen with two options. Don’t click on either of them. Write down the 16-digit card number and 8-digit security code. Log into your Starbucks card account. Under Card Information, go to Transfer Funds. Enter their card info as the FROM and your card as the TO. Bingo! $2.60 more in your account.

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