How I Created A Meaningful Christmas Centerpiece For $5

Christmas Centerpiece DIY

I am a DIY ninja lately.  I can’t stop myself.  I created a Christmas centerpiece that not only looks fabulous for less but incorporates a family item that I’ve been trying to figure out how to display in our home for years.  My mom gave me these beautiful antique Christmas glasses that we grew up using.  I love them and I look at them each Christmas and  think back to our traditions as a family.  But with two little boys in the house, there was no way I was using them for everyday drink glasses.  So, what’s a girl to do?

Rage against the Minivan Centerpiece

You never know when the DIY inspiration is going to hit you.  I was reading Rage Against the Mini Van one afternoon, pretending that the boys were not waking up from their naps and bam!, there it was.  My eyes gravitated towards the candle centerpiece on her table.  That’s it!   I’m going to use the antique glasses to create that.  (Emphasis of arrows are all mine in the picture above.)

I love when things like that happen.  You do too, right?

Supplies for Christmas Centerpiece

Here is what I grabbed at the Dollar Tree to make this Christmas Centerpiece.

Ornaments (I bought four sleeves but only ended up needing two.)
Greenery (I bought two.)
Glasses (seven)

I had antique glassware to use, which was the entire point of this centerpiece.  However, I know not everyone has that.  So, at the dollar tree I also spotted plain glassware with a gold rim as well as fancied up glassware.  You will need 7.

Also pictured is tea lights which I ended up not using.  I was afraid with the antique-ness of the glassware that I was risking a caboom! with heat from the lights.  LED lights that are powered by a battery would be a safe option.  Again, since I have boys I decided to forgo either option since fire or not, they would be way too into the lights that were encapsulated in the fragile antique glassware.

First Steps to Glassware

The first thing you need to do is to center one glass on the charger.  I decided to make the glassware a bit higher in the middle and in other places.  I used the tops of bottles to do that.  I’m resourceful that way.  You could use the top of BALL jars or anything you find around the house if you want to elevate some or all of the glasses.

Glasses on Christmas Centerpiece

Because of the pattern on the glasses, I made sure that each glass faced outside.  As you can see from the picture above, I only elevated a few of the glasses.  Don’t worry, the purple and gold tops will not show once we get started.

Aren’t the glasses soooo pretty?

Starting Christmas Centerpiece

I started by alternating the gold and the silver ornaments around the base of the glassware.  You don’t need to glue them as they stay in place nicely.  I made sure to put the tops of the ornaments in the inside.

Steps to Christmas Centerpiece

Keep repeating the pattern around the glassware, filling in the gaps as you go around.  I love these ornaments since they blend the gold and silver together brilliantly.

Pun intended.

Top View of Christmas Centerpiece

I also filled the inside of each glass to hide the lids that I used to elevate them, but also because it looks festive.

DIY Christmas Centerpiece from Dollar Tree

After I filled in the ornaments, I cut off the top of the fake greenery poinsettias and layered them in between the ornaments.  Again, no glue is needed as they stick in quite nicely.

Christmas Centerpiece $5

And there you have it!  A beautiful and festive centerpiece for less than $5!  I returned my extra supplies to The Dollar Tree and am now loving the view into my dining room every single day!  I love that I was able to use an antique heirloom and dress it up to be viewed and enjoyed the entire season!

What do you think?  Will you be trying a centerpiece like this one?


  1. Teresa Snyder says

    That is beautiful and so decorative. I love your frugality (if that is a word) and the way you share it with others to assist in our daily trek through this world. Thanks for all you do and share! May you and your family have all the blessings and joy of Christmas!


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