How to Coupon Video Series

… in other words,  Extreme Couponing for Real Life!

I’ve received lots o’ emails from you wondering how in the world they do it on TLC’s Extreme couponing?!  Well, I’m here to tell you that if you don’t want to spend 20+ hours a week cutting coupons, organizing and planning your shopping trip to save money – you don’t have to!

Follow me as I share how I spend 30 minutes or less planning my major grocery trip each week.  My heart is to show you how to keep it SIMPLE as you maximize your savings to keep your time with your family and friends.  Let’s shop for items we need, will use or can donate – as well as healthy options for our family dinner!

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Week 1 – The Intro to Extreme Couponing for Real People Video Series

Week 2 – The Stockpile
What is a stockpile?
Why do I need a stockpile?
What does a good stockpile look like?  {We’re not talking a room full of toilet paper to last you three years, folks. 😉 }

Week 3 – Watching the Sale Cycles
How to plan your shopping trip to meet your family’s needs for the next 3 months.

Week 4 – Saving Money On Milk, Eggs and those other hard to Stockpile items.
Can you freeze an egg?

Week 5 – The Anatomy of the Coupon
The 9 & 5 Difference

Week 6 – Where to find the best Coupons

Week 7 – How to Organize your Coupons

Week 8 – How to Plan Your Shopping Trip {Part 1} The Stockpile List

Week 9 – How to Plan Your Shopping Trip {Part 2} The Need it Now List

Week 10 – How to Have a Quick, Easy & Money Saving Grocer Trip

Week 11 – Understanding the Store Coupon Policy

Please leave a comment below with any questions or suggestions.  I love to hear from you!