My First Quinoa Recipe Try Is My LAST Quinoa Recipe Try

Quinoa gone bad

Last Friday evening I made my first Quinoa recipe.  And friends, it will be my last.  I was super excited to use this power food since I had purchased it Organic as part of my 4-Week Organic Challenge.  Many of you sent me recipes to try, and so at 5pm on Friday night I started rinsing the Quinoa to make our Friday night feast!

The Quinoa had a great flavor.  I had cooked our chicken in a skillet.  Removed it, and then filled the skillet with chicken broth to make the Quinoa.  After it was finished, I added veggies and our favorite soy/peanut butter sauce.  It looked delicious.

We loved it.  I loved it.

Until 3 am the next morning.  I woke up with what can only be described as the worst stomach ache I have ever had. At first I thought it was the stomach flu.   THANKFULLY, it was Saturday so my hubby was home and was able to get up with the kids.

As the morning progressed, I had what can only be described in medical terms as a “leaky gut”.  And after much googling, it appears that I’m not alone in this Quinoa experience.  Apparently, the dry “dirt” surrounding the Quinoa acts as a laxative.  (no lie!) And although, I rinsed it as the package stated, I must have gotten some on my hands?  Maybe my body just didn’t like the Quinoa in general?

Whatever it was, it was not a fun Saturday.  By the evening I was feeling myself, except for being a little weak.  By Sunday, I felt great.  No one else in my family got sick, thankfully.  It was just me and my lonely self.

I always aim to be honest with you 100% and therefore you’ll always find out the good, the bad and the ugly when it comes to my frugal adventures!

So what about you?  Have you ever heard of or had a reaction to Quinoa like this?

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