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I’m super excited to share with you the new Grocery Nation grocery shopping app.  I’ve been working on this project and could not wait to share it with you.  This app is going to revolutionize the way you make your grocery shopping list.

2 - browse sales

Have you ever been hanging out, waiting for your kids to finish something, somewhere.  Now, you have an app that gives you all the information about the store ads and coupons at select area stores.  It’s easy to create your shopping list by selecting the items you want to add to your shopping list.

Once you create your list you will be able to email or share it.  Think of the time you’ll save creating your list during those random moments of waiting.  Once you’re home, open your email, collect your coupons and you’re ready to shop!

You can also use the list you created while shopping in store!  Check off the items on your list as you shop.  Done and done!


Included in each shopping list is the full ad and all coupons matched up to those items.  You’ll also find unadvertised deals and the TOP deals at each grocery store at the top of the list.  When you select an item, you’ll be told what coupons are available for that sale item, plus what your lowest possible final price is.  Easy!  Items that are top deals are highlighted with a red star.

1 - browse stores

Are you getting excited?!

What stores are available?

Currently this app is aviailable for Android phones in Ohio and Indiana.  The current stores available are many that I know you shop at:

:: Aldi
:: CVS
:: Giant Eagle
:: Kroger – Cincinnati/Dayton Region
:: Kroger – Columbus (Great Lakes Region)
:: Meijer
:: Rite Aid
:: Target
:: Walgreens

(Don’t worry if you don’t live in Ohio and Indiana.  Add your email to this list and you’ll be notified when it becomes available in your area.)

I think you’ll find the Grocery Nation App is not only a time saver, but will help you save money.  Why?  Because you know I think having a plan before walking into the grocery store is one of the number one ways to help you cut your budget in half!

And think about how you’ll save when you’re in the grocery store and can easily look up to see if an item has a coupon available.

Are you ready to get started?

**Head over here to download the Grocery Nation App from the Google Play Store.

**Select the grocery store you’re going to shop at.

**Create your shopping list by selecting items.

**Email or share the list.

4 - my list

Please let me know what you think!  I have really enjoyed working with to create this great tool that will help you save time and money!  The Kroger Great Lakes and Giant Eagle lists are created by me – so you know that I am investing my time and believe in this project 100%!

Disclaimer:  I worked closely with to create this app. I was compensated for my time.  However, I completely believe in this project and would not be a part of it, if I didn’t think it would benefit you and your money saving journey!  Opinions are 100% all mine!

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