Rite Aid 101

Rite Aid is my favorite!  Here’s how to snag the deals!

Here’s a list of important sites to bookmark when shopping at Rite Aid.
Rite Aid Coupon Policy
Rite Aid Video Values {earn and print Rite Aid coupons}
Rite Aid Rebates {enter your receipt here to receive your rebate}

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Can’t see the video?  Check out { www.youtube.com/cleverlysimple }

Your Rite Aid Steps to Saving!
Step 1. Organize your coupons.
Step 2. Have a Plan. You should walk into Rite Aid knowing what you’re going to buy and what coupons you’re going to use. {Check out my Weekly Trips to simplify your Rite Aid coupon life!  I’ve done the work for you!}
Step 3. SHOP!
Step 4.  When you reach the register, scan your Wellness Card.
Step 5.  Cashier scans your items.
Step 6.  The cashier scans any big coupons {ie. $5 off $20 Rite Aid coupon from your email or Video Values}
Step 7. Cashier scans all manufacturer and Rite Aid coupons.
Step 8. Cashier scans all +UP Rewards
Step 9. You pay the out of pocket cost.
Step 10. Put your +UP’s  in a safe place!

Cleverly Simple Tips:

  • If you’re using more than one transaction, split your items in your cart likewise.  Place transaction #1 items in the kiddy seat of a shopping cart and put transaction #2 in the main carrier.  Another great idea is to bring reusable bags and place each transaction in a separate bag.  This way you’ll be all set when you get to the cashier.
  • Just like your items in the shopping cart, have your coupons grouped in transactions BEFORE you enter the store. This way if you have any changes {ie. items are out of stock} you can quickly pull the coupons.
  • Keep your coupons with you and hand them to your cashier in steps.  {Wellness Card. Big Coupons. Manufacturer & Rite Aid Coupons. +UPs.}  If you hand the whole “wad” at once it will be confusing for you and confusing for the cashier.  PLUS MINUS it will most likely impact your savings.
  • Keep your +UPs  in your wallet or somewhere where you’ll easily find them and not lose them!  It’s like cash!
  • Watch the expiration date of the +UPs!

Rite Aid Coupon Hints:

  • Rite Aid Coupon + Manufacturer Coupon = BIGGER savings!
  • Internet coupons are valid AS LONG AS they scan.  {Never had a problem.}