Turkey and Ham Grocery Price Comparison List (2012)

Are you looking for the best price on turkey and ham for your Thanksgiving dinner?   Here’s the price list of what’s on sale and where you can find it this week!  (I’ve listed ham as well in honor of my son’s pre-school class who voted to have ham instead of turkey at their party.)   😉

UPDATED: 11/19

You can find a list of Thanksgiving Day Dinner coupons here.

$3.00 off Butterball Whole Turkey

Buehlers Ham and Turkey Prices (thru 11/22)

Frozen Bone-In Turkey Breast – $1.99 lb

Honeysuckle White Frozen or Amish Valley Frozen – $0.79 lb

Berk’s Whole Boneless Hams – $2.99 lb

Buehler’s Spiral Sliced Hams – $2.99 lb


Giant Eagle Turkey and Ham Prices (thru 11/21)

Nature’s Basket Fresh Turkeys – $2.69 lb

Honeysuckle White Turkey Breast – $1.99 lb

Bell & Evans Fresh Turkeys – $2.89 lb

Giant Eagle Fresh Turkeys – $1.49 lb

Giant Eagle Frozen Turkeys – $.78 lb

Honeysuckle White Frozen Turkeys – $.99 lb

Giant Eagle Whole Boneless Hams – $2.69 lb

Sugardale Country Inn Whole Boneless Hams – $2.89 lb

Sugardale Half Spiral Sliced Hams – $2.99 lb

Hillshire Farm Half Spiral Sliced Hams – $3.49 lb

Giant Eagle Whole Semi-Boneless Smoked Hams – $1.99 lb

Market District Whole Semi-Boneless Hams – $3.99 lb

Giant Eagle Premium Pre-Glazed Brown Sugar Half Spiral Sliced Hams – $3.29 lb


Kroger Turkey and Ham Prices (thru 11/25)

Butterball Turkey – $1.99 lb

Honeysuckle Turkey Breast – $1.89 lb

Honeysuckle Turkey – $1.69 lb

Honeysuckle Turkey – $1.39 lb

Private Selection Turkeys – $1.29 lb

Kroger Turkeys – $.78 lb


Meijer Turkey Price (thru 11/24)

$10 OFF with additional $20 purchase wyb Grade A Meijer Turkey (10-15 lbs)
$17 OFF with additional $20 purchase  wyb Grade A Meijer Turkey (16lbs or more)

Sugardale Whole Boneless Ham – $1.59 lb


Target Turkey and Ham Prices (thru 11/24)

Market Pantry Frozen Turkey Breast – $0.99 lb

Archer Farms Spiral Cut Half Honey Ham w/ Glaze – $1.89 lb


More Coupons:

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