Wal-Mart Black Friday Deals – Get them TODAY! (UPDATED)


Update 11/17/12 — Hey all – here’s an update from Paul at I Heart the Mart.  He’s able to answer a number of questions you had about the layaway options at Wal-mart.

Find the Update Here.

Big news for Wal-mart and how you can price match and get the black friday prices on your items you place in layaway TODAY.

Yes, you read that right. Here’s what you can do:

1. Look through my black friday lists on CleverlySimple AT ANY STORE and select what you want to buy.
2. Put that item on layway at Wal-mart at it’s full Wal-mart price tomorrow or anytime before 11/23/12.  (You can find Wal-Mart Layaway policy here.)
3. Visit Wal-mart on the day the item goes on sale and pay off the item. You will receive the SALE price that Wal-mart has it listed at OR the competitor. Whichever is better.

Find more information from Paul, at I Heart the Mart!

Essentially, you can wait in one layaway line and get all the deals you were hunting down at your favorite stores.  Does this change your strategy?  (FYI, I’ll still be here blogging about the deals in my PJs, so you’ll have to keep me posted!)

UPDATE:  Please note that this is essentially their price-matching policy.  For example, if an item is on sale on 11/22/12 that would be the time you would need to pick up the item in layaway.  If an item is on sale at 10am on 11/23/12 you want to get to layaway at that time to price-match.  Simplified:: They are price-matching within their layaway department.  You put the item in layaway today.  You pick it up (pay in full) on the day it goes on sale and so therefore pay the sale price.

UPDATE 2:  Confirm with your layaway department that they will be open during the hours you will need to purchase your deal.  Wal-mart Layaway is closed on Thursday but reopens on Friday at 9am.  However, you local store may have different hours.  Confirm!  Confirm!  :)

Update 3:  For those of you that still had questions.  Here’s what Wal-mart said on their facebook page::  “Walmart Hi Amanda. If you have an item on Layaway and would like to receive the reduced price during our Black Friday sale the item(s) would need to be deleted from the Layaway account and added back to receive the event price (or price matched whichever is lower). Keep in mind layaway will be closed until 9am on Friday. Layaway items in Event 3 that begins at 5am on Black Friday 11/23/12 will be the only items eligible and the adjustment must be made in our Layaway department on 11/23/12. We hope this additional information helps.”   Remember, you can also use competitor ads!  However, watch that it is the exact item!

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