We WHISK You a Merry Christmas! : DIY Gift Idea

We Whisk You a Merry Christmas DIY Gift Idea

The DIY gift ideas continue today with “We WHISK You a Merry Christmas!”.  I loved this gift idea for someone who needs a few gifts to say “I’m thinking of you” but doesn’t need something that super expensive. This is the perfect gift idea for the kid who wants to give a number of gifts to friends, or for the mailman or neighbors.  After making this, I realized that this gift becomes frugal when you make multiples.  Because of some of the supplies you’ll need, it’s really more cost effective to make a few which is why this is the perfect, pass around gift this holiday season.

DIY Christmas Gifts

As you’ll remember, I started with these items to make 6 DIY gifts.  My first attempt was the glitter candle holder which turned out amazing!  As you can see I also purchased a whisk, Andes candy and a few other needed items for this gift idea.

Whisk You Merry Christmas Supplies

So, here’s what you’ll need.  You may only need to purchase the candy and the whisk. I, however, also needed tulle (I found at Hobby Lobby) as well as a fine tip Sharpie and ribbon.  As you’ll see later with the tag, I also used some glitter foam as well.  Everything I used was from the original Dollar Tree stash, except for the Tulle.

Whisk you Merry Christmas Fill

It’s pretty easy to get started on this gift.  This, again, is a great kid friendly gift idea.  You can really stuff the whisk with whatever candy you want.  I chose Andes because they were green and I love them.

Whisk you Merry Christmas Tulle

Once you stuff the candy into the whisk, you do need to cover it with tulle.  I was able to purchase half a yard for only $1.79.  Of course, I did not need that much for one “Whisk You Merry Christmas”.  Therefore, I do think this is a much more frugal option made in multiples.

Whisk You a Merry Christmas Tag

To make the tag, I took the glitter foam that I found at the Dollar Tree.  I was able to get 6 sheets for a dollar!  This was so much more inexpensive then buying it anywhere else.  To make the “We Whisk You A Merry Christmas” I used photo paper that I had on hand.  You could also use index cards or cardstock.  I wrote out the phrase and then glued it onto the foam.  I then cut around the edges until I was happy with it.  A little hole made with my scissors, and I was able to string the ribbon through the tag to add it to the whisk.

We Whisk You a Merry Christmas DIY Gift Idea

And that’s it!  A very easy and simple DIY gift idea that is cute and shares your message.  And, to be honest, I really like the whisk!

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