What is a Good Price for Toilet Paper?

What’s a good price for toilet paper?

I get this question a lot.  There’s something about saving money on a necessity.  The tricky part about toilet paper is that it comes in all sizes.  Big Roll.  Regular Roll.  Family Roll.  Mega Roll.  I’ll stop now.   :)

The key to saving money on toilet paper is knowing your Rock Bottom Price per square foot.  Yes, it’s that important.  So, get your calculators out!  My personal goal is to spend around $0.01 per square foot.

You’ll find the price per square foot by dividing the price by the number of square feet (circled in red).  Using the picture above as an example at an imaginary price of $5, you would take out your calculator and enter : $5 DIVIDED by 125.2 = $.03 per square foot.

Your rock bottom price may vary depending on if you like two ply, extra soft or sandpaper.  It’s a personal preference which I won’t get into here, but hopefully this will help you get started in saving!

By the way, I typically buy my toilet paper on Amazon.  I can find my rock bottom price and it’s shipped to my door!

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