Four Tips :: How To Save Money On Toilet Paper

how to save money on toilet paper

How to Save Money On Toilet Paper

Let’s talk about how to save money on toilet paper.  Toilet paper to me, is like food.  You have to buy it.  Therefore, if you have to buy it – you might as well save on it.  Right?  Do you hear me?

Here’s four simple tips to get you on your way to saving money on toilet paper!

Know Your Rock Bottom Price For Your Favorite Brand of Toilet Paper

So, there’s a few ways to save on toilet paper.  But first, you need to know what kind of price you should be paying.  This is important because the total price is sometimes a bit misleading.

Charmin Toilet Paper Best Price

The key to saving money on toilet paper is knowing your Rock Bottom Price per square foot.  Yes, it’s that important.  So, get your calculators out!  My personal goal is to spend around $0.01 per square foot.

You’ll find the price per square foot by dividing the price by the number of square feet (circled in red above).  Using the picture above as an example at an imaginary price of $5, you would take out your calculator and enter : $5 DIVIDED by 125.2 = $.03 per square foot.

Your rock bottom price may vary depending on if you like two ply, extra soft or sandpaper.  It’s a personal preference which I won’t get into here.

Look for Toilet Paper Coupons And Use Them When There Is A Sale

Toilet paper coupons are pretty common.  They’re important because if you know you love Angel Soft Toilet paper, for example, then you’ll be on look out for a Angel Soft Toilet Paper Coupon.  However, the best time to use a coupon is when the toilet paper is already on sale.

Save money on Toilet paper

When you combine the coupon and the sale price you maximize your savings.  If you have two coupons, buy two packs of toilet paper on sale.  Make sure to check that rock bottom price you want to pay.

Buy Your Toilet Paper Online

I’m going to let you in on a little secret.  I buy all my toilet paper online through Amazon.   There’s a couple of reasons I do that.  For starters, the price is much lower than even the sale price with a coupon.  You also receive the shipment in bulk, which means I’m spending less time looking for a deal.  And if you’re concerned about storing the toilet paper, you’ll be happy to know that although it comes in a big box, it’s individually packed per four (or so) rolls so it’s easy to store it.

angel soft toilet paper coupon

When you purchase your toilet paper online via Amazon, you’ll want to select subscribe and save.  Subscribe and save not only saves you another 5%, but you’ll also receive free shipping.  You can cancel subscribe and save after receiving your shipment.

Here’s my favorite deals on toilet paper via Amazon:

Buying Toilet Paper Online

Angel Soft, Double Rolls, [4 Rolls*12 Pack] = 48 Total Count
48 double Rolls for $15.80
$0.39 per roll (264 sheets per roll)

or this deal….

Quilted Northern Ultra Plush Bath Tissue, 48 Double Rolls (Packaging May Vary)
48 double rolls for $22.74
$0.47 per roll

Amazon prices are constantly changing, so when you keep an eye on them, you’ll find quite quickly when they go on sale.  Again, another reason I love that they sell in bulk.  I don’t have to pay attention very often.

Compare.  Compare.  Compare.

And finally, compare the details.  Is it one-ply or two-ply?  How many sheets are in each rolls?   How many square feet?  It may feel like a lot to think about it, but very quick math with your phone calculator will lead to a lower price and saving money feels so good!

Price comparison for toilet paper

If I was quickly looking at these two packages in the grocery store, I would want to grab the lower price automatically.  But after examination it would be very clear to me that there is a big difference between the two.  While both say that they are double rolls, they are very different in terms of the 1-2 ply, sheets and even square feet.

As you can see from above there’s a lot to think about when buying toilet paper.  Don’t let it intimidate you though!  Once you get in the groove, you’ll know quickly what price point to watch for and then snag it.

That, or buy it on Amazon and call it a day.  🙂

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  1. IRISH PACK says:

    checked the Amazon link and the price is now $36.50!!! why the big increase in price? has it really gone up that much in ?? timespan.

    1. IRISH PACK says:

      Amazon price for the Northern is 24.99 can’t understand why the Angel Soft has gone up so much

      1. Hi, prices vary on Amazon which is why I would check back regularly.

    2. Hi, the price fluctuates. Check back later.

  2. Karen Segal says:

    Before I pin something I investigate the site. Doesn’t open, too many pop ups, doesn’t open at all. False info, link to link with no real connection for directions. So this one isn’t too bad. And I like your demonstrated info as I now realize the size of the sheet has changed to give you less and width of the role makes it very confusing
    So sq’ is the way to go. Now I will sign up for your news letter.

    Oh the fluff of the TP should be taken into consideration. I have a large window mini blind that determines how much paper dust I’ve lost off each roll. So extra soft is a consideration if you don’t want fluffy soft blinds, walls or mirrors etc.

    I hope you wont kick me off your site because when I mentioned the connection wasn’t working on another site the person was mad.. Yes I check to see now if it is my connection.

  3. If you’re a costco member, you can save a ton of money on toilet paper there, too. We buy the store brand of all their paper products, and it saves us a ton of money. Since it’s just two adults and a little one, it lasts us a long time. I think we go through one package of toilet paper every two months, and it’s about 75 cents a roll. The paper towels are cheap too, like a $1 per roll and tissues are about the same. It saves me a lot of time and money to just buy it all in one spot. 🙂

  4. I came across this on pinterest and decided to give the calculating a try.. I was excited when I found a pack of Charmin Ultra Soft (30 double rolls=60 rolls) for $11.96 when I had the same brand in my cart that was 12 quadruple rolls=48 rolls for the same price.. I did compare and went with the 30 double roll pack and calculated and it came out to $0.02 per square foot.. Now I will be searching for coupons to make it even cheaper 🙂

    1. Awesome! This little trick makes it really easy to save money. It’s amazing the difference in price per square foot of toilet paper.

  5. If one has a .30¢ coupon one saves .30¢ no matter if the tissue is on sale or not. If you are using a coupon while it’s on sale, you are not saving more money, you are just delaying when you will pay what you will eventually pay.

    1. You save more per roll if your paying $0.01 vs $0.03 per sqft by it being on sale instead of paying $0.04 per sqft with it just being a coupon… How much you pay over time per sqft adds up big time esp in a large family…

  6. Matt Hill says:

    In 1975, a typical single roll was 400 sheets that were 4.5×4.5″. In 1990, a typical single roll of toilet paper has 280 sheets, that were 4.5×4.4 inches. In 2010, a typical *Double* roll has 308 4.2×4.0″ sheets per roll. In 1975, that was 56.25 sq. ft. In 1990 that was 39.375 sq ft, in 2010 35.93 sq. ft. WE ARE ACTUALLY GETTING LESS TP IN A CURRENT DOUBLE ROLL THAN WE DID IN A SINGLE ROLL 20 YEARS ago.

    1. That is fascinating and not at all surprising. Thanks for the info!

    2. That would be two little things called inflation and greed unfortunately… Which means we as consumers have to be all that much more diligent in how and where we spend our money…