Our Trip To Kalahari – 2019

kids at Kalahari

The winter can be long but it doesn’t have to feel that way.  Right? As much as I look out on our front porch dreaming of the day I can once again sit and read my book as the sun sets, I embrace winter every year.  We’ve been looking forward to a trip to Kalahari for months.  We intentionally planned it for mid-February because it’s about the time that winter starts to feel like it will never end and we’re ready for some warmth.

We’ve been to Kalahari before and knew that this year would be no different for our kids.  Getting to swim in the middle of winter is such treat and because we decided to invite my sister and her family along with us, it became a family reunion we won’t quickly forget.

Our Favorite Things About Kalahari

There’s a few reasons why Kalahari works for our family each and every time.

kids in tunnel at waterpark

The variety of things to do with kids in the waterpark.  Our kids never get bored with so many different places to play and swim.  The age range of kids with us was one year to nine years old.  There is plenty to do and places to swim.

wave pool at Kalahari

It’s warm.  Enough said?  It’s pretty much the reason we love getting away to Kalahari in the winter.  A few of the attractions had cold water and I’m not sure if there was a malfunction? However, there were plenty of places to hang out that the water was warm as we expected and we enjoyed every single minute.

kid at Kalahari

There are unique opportunities to enjoy time as a family outside the waterpark.  They have a very large entertainment area with virtual reality, bowling, video games and much more.  If you’re looking for a break from the water you can enjoy time as a family in their entertainment area.

The rooms have everything you need.  No matter the size of the room having a microwave and a refrigerator is a real plus when you stay at Kalahari.  It makes preparing meals and snacks for the kids so much easier.

room at Kalahari

Tips for Visiting Kalahari

Room Size – This year we enjoyed a beautiful room that had a King Size bed in our bedroom with attached bathroom. The boys had their own room with two beds.  In addition to that there was an additional bathroom and a living area with a fireplace.

The room size worked great for us for a couple of reasons.  One, the boys had their own room which meant that when they crashed after the first evening of swimming, we were able to close the door and enjoy time together.  Two, the following day we had plenty of space to enjoy lunch together with the cousins before heading back to our final hours at the waterpark.  Space with kids is amazing.

kid safari at Kalahari
kids playing basketball at waterpark

Don’t bring your beach towels.  It’s amazing to be able to pick up as many towels as you need in the waterpark and not have to worry about carrying around wet towels.

Bring plenty of snacks to keep in the room.  Kids get hangry after they swim.  Who am I kidding?!  I do as an adult.  We always make sure to have plenty of snacks to enjoy.  And if you choose not to bring any, they have plenty of places to eat and dine at Kalahari.

waterpark slides at Kalahari
kid wat waterpark smiling

Arrive with plenty of time to spare.  We arrived on a Thursday evening before a holiday weekend.  I spent over 45 minutes waiting in line to check in.  My husband took the kids to the nearby mall to play while I waited in line.  If you’re like us with lots of younger kids, make plans for waiting in line at peak times.

Ask to be close to the waterpark.  The first year we stayed it was quite a walk to the waterpark.  It wasn’t the end of the world, but it’s nice to be close by.  Since that time we’ve asked to be nearby and it’s worked out nicely.

Bring your puddle jumpers.  My kids are old enough now that they don’t need life jackets at Kalahari but if you’re under 48 inches, you will.  They have plenty on hand if you forget yours, but puddle jumpers are what my kids always preferred when we visited in the past.  (And by plenty of life jackets, I mean that there are PLENTY so don’t worry if you don’t have any on hand when you arrive.)

kid on slide at waterpark

Watching my nephew have the time of his life with us made it all worth it.  While we as parents needed some extra caffeine the next day, having the time away with family in the middle of winter was an amazing treat!  Thank you Kalahari for hosting us and we look forward to visiting again!

In return for this review I was hosted at Kalahari at no cost.  All opinions are all mine as always!

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